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Rethinking IT Outsourcing: The New IT Offshoring

New IT Offshoring Renders Old IT Outsourcing Obsolete

5-Star Review by Reader's Favorite

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Praise for "Rethinking IT Outsourcing: The New IT Offshoring"


“Being in the IT for almost 27 years, I have encountered many challenges of running the business around the globe. Rendition of those challenges, however, is not necessary because Frank does an exceptional job in elaborating them, especially when it comes to outsourcing. I have been involved in the outsourcing business since early nineties, and Frank’s account in this book is a déjà vu all over as this brings back memories of experiences over the last decades with various outsourcing companies, small and big.

Frank has been in the middle of the growth and proliferation of IT outsourcing in the US for more than a few moons. With this experience under his belt, he gives a clear perspective of the pitfalls and advantages of sending jobs to one country as opposed to another. Each country presents different sets of advantages & problems many of which may be transparent to the eyes of an untrained IT executive. Frank’s international experience on the ever-shifting arena of IT outsourcing has been bundled concisely in this book, especially the potential of East-Africa and the upside of outsourcing to East-African counties.

Certain perils of outsourcing are overlooked by most companies in the rush to meet the bottom line, but it almost always comes back to haunt them. One should go through all the criteria that Frank has laid out in this book before deciding to outsource. These criteria should be carefully evaluated because loss of productivity, morale and above all reputation of the company – not to mention security hazards can be imminent if the correct process is not followed. Frank has provided a checklist in this book that delineates the exercise that any company needs to go through in order to make a prudent decision for IT outsourcing.

I have worked with IT outsourcing companies in no less than 15 countries, and in doing so, I have learned many lessons the hard way. I wish I has this book when I started my IT career. Whether it is an international regulation or a simple hidden cultural issue, such factors small or big can ruin a business’s critical projects, Time to Market, and not to mention hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even the most rigorous due diligence can potentially skip some of the obvious issues which can come back to bite the decision of a CIO and expose a company to threats defiling a company. It’s a quagmire I have seen many companies fall into endangering its best products, services and customer satisfaction.

I felt compelled to write this foreword not only because of the mistakes I have made in my career but also to help other CIOs to help make the right decision. This book should be the must-guide to every top IT executive in the country and deserves a place on the desk of every IT professional. Beside IT executives, all other business folks must read this book as well, because outsourcing had permeated other areas as well such as medical coding as well as other industries which may have little to do with IT. One such example is customer support, operations & sales of Insurance and Travel companies.

I am glad to see Frank taking a comprehensive but yet a ‘wizard-like’ approach to this subject whereby the reader is steered in to the decision-making process of IT outsourcing step by step. I applaud his effort in educating us all, and I am confident that all readers will benefit from it. It is a casual read whether you are in the airport or getting ready to present your IT outsourcing proposal to the Board of Directors. I wish Frank and AoTea Global Services success in guiding every IT top executive.

Happy IT Outsourcing!”

Chiranjoy Das.

CIO, SimpleTire.

Recipient of CIO100, Analytics50, & DigitalEdge50 awards.

Advisor to Gartner’s AADI (Application Architecture, Development & Integration)


“What I like best about this book is that it is written from the perspective of someone who has lived our lives, who has sorted through the same decisions we face and who has learned what works best. It is sound, pragmatic advice for anyone – someone that already has an off-shore / outsource relationship and those that are realizing, given the current shortage of IT talent and skills, that they need an off-shore relationship. I only wish I had read this book about 20 years and several failures ago.”

-- Niel Nickolaisen, SV & Chief Technology Officer at OC Tanner, named to Computerworld’s 2017 Premier 100 Technology Leaders


"Frank Howard has made a highly practical contribution to outsourcing. His principles will help business and technology leaders deliver innovation and bottom-line performance in the global economy."

-- Nicholas R. Colisto

Author, The CIO Playbook; CIO 100 Award Recipient


“Frank Howard provides business executives with an insightful guide to the changing world of IT outsourcing, captive centers, and innovative offshoring.  In an increasingly small and interconnected world, it pays to keep up with the latest because What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.”

-- Dr. Marshall Goldsmith is the New York Times #1 bestselling author of Triggers and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, and was named the Thinkers 50 World’s #1 Executive Coach, and #6 Most Influential Business Thinker 2017.


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